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LED Desk lamp

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product specification:
products were 51 single lamp, which white lamp: 27 star, warm light: 24 stars
Shine way: straight to shine
Shell material: ABS + silica gel
Lamp bead life: 50000 hours
Maximum intensity of illumination 30 CM (LUX) : > 2000 LUX
Flux: the 700 LM
Show color index: > 80
Color temperature: cold light: 5500 K, warm light: 3300 K, changes in temperature and light: 4000 K
Working temperature: less than 50 degrees
Power factor: > 0.8
input voltage: 100-240 v-50/60 Hz
Output voltage: DC (DC) 12-1500 A
Total power consumption: 12 W
Suggested working environment temperature: < = 35 °
power cord length 150 cm

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